Here is my daily SUPPLEMENT PLAN to hammer Anxiety and Depression…(It works!)

Supplements and Herbs for anxiety and depression:

My daily routine:


* 1000 mgs Beta Glucan Elite
* 800 mgs L-THEANINE w/passion flower (Bronson’s Brand)
* 500 mgs Magnesium GNC
* 1200 mgs Ashwaganda (KSM-66)
* 5000 mcgs B12 drops
*500 mgs Taurine (Now brand)
* 1 vile dropper Nano glutathione


Garden of life organic meal replacement shake.

*Mixed in one cup of organic frozen blueberries

*One scoop of organic green powder.

*One teaspoon of organic beet powder

* One banana

* Handful of organic spinach

* Scoop of ice

* Teaspoon of inositol powder (Now Brand)

Mix together and make smoothie

Take these supplements after you drink shake

* I dropper of Lemon balm
* 2 caps of probiotics for stomach
* 4000 iu of vitamin D
* 500mgs potassium
* Organic multivitamin
* 500 mgs holy basil ( New Chapter brand for Anxiety) amazing stuff.
* 1200 mgs fish oil Omega 3,6,9

After lunch:


800 mgs L Theanine
500 mgs magnesium
500 mgs Taurine

After dinner

500 mgs holy basil
1200 mgs of Omega 3,6,9 (Metrx brand)

I hour Before bedtime

800 mgs of L Theanine.

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    1. If you get L Theanine made by Bronson, and take 400mgs you will stop Anxiety dead in its tracks. Then take New Chapter brand holy basil and it will keep you calm all day


  1. That sounds awesome. Do you have a workout plan ? Just curious . 🙂 and how did you like the research on glutathione?


    1. Glutathione article was great. Thank you. Ordered it and started it. I do 30 min cardio, plus circuit workout 6 times a week. Not too extensive.

      30 min of sunshine a day as well!

      God bless!


  2. That’s awesome!!!! Yeah I really like the stuff. My mom did too. I put a hold on that since Tim and I do Thrive. I try to stick to 1 thing at a time. I can’t do it all 🙂

    I do 5 days a week and switch between weight training, hiit, kickboxing or whatever fills my mood 🙂

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