The Dark Hole of Depression…

How do we continue the battle of life when we are in the dark hole of depression? I know for me, it was all I could do to even get out of bed. The paranoia and morning anxiety was almost too much to bare. I would just put my feet on the floor and force myself to the kitchen. I had no appetite but I knew I needed to eat something. I would gag down a piece of bread and drink a cup of water.

Then crawl back to my bed and sleep all the rest of the day. I have a big family, so it was a hard to make contact and be involved in their lives.

This made me feel guilty, and even more depressed. Just seeing my children and wife busy in the house while I laid there incapacitated was deeply disturbing.

But everyday I forced myself to get up and keep looking up. I started to go for walks and change my diet as well.

Overtime I began to crawl out of that nasty hole and begin to feel normal again. I would read my Bible at night, and pray. My church would pray for me as well. My wife would help me as much as she could. This was how I managed to live again.

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